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The families of Daisy Cottages and of Roughlees Farm have played an ongoing role in the local community. Both establishments existed before Fontburn was constructed, and have provided essential support in their own ways, the former a reminder of the value that the railway played, and Roughlees as supplier of fresh milk over the decades to the Fontburn community.

Daisy Cottages, Proudlock family and Railway

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Daisy Cottages: two railway cottages built for railway families. Now combined into one house.

Proudlock Family of Daisy Cottages, c1896: L R Eleanor Proudlock, James Aynsley (of Roughlees), in front Elizabeth Proudlock aged 14, Sarah Aynsley nee Proudlock, William Proudlock.
Photo loaned by D Jeffrey, descendant of Elizabeth Proudlock



William Proudlock
1901 Census describes William as a widower (Eleanor had died) and his work as Railway Surfaceman

Roughlees Farm, Aynsleys and Storeys

Roughlees, a tenant farm of the Ordes of Nunnykirk, was farmed by James Aynsley as the 19th century became the 20th. He had married a Proudlock daughter, Sarah, but had no children. Cited in the 1901 census as a nephew is James Storey, listed as living with them at Roughlees. James (Jim) Storey went on to take over the tenancy of the farm when James Aynsley died. He had married in 1914 and raised six children. All six were born at the farm, delivered by the local midwife Mrs Crosby, and went to Fontburn School. In 1915 Jim enlisted in the Army and served at the Somme where he was wounded and lost a leg. While he was away on active service, Jack Ions ran the farm for the family, living at Roughlees over the stables. Jim died in 1932 and the Storey family moved away. The tenancy was then taken over by Joe Proctor, whose sons are pictured in the 1930s school photographs. The photographs below are loaned by Mrs Sandra Pletts, a grand-daughter of Jim Storey, and show aspects of 1920s life at and around Roughlees farm.


Jim Storey early 1900s




Jim Storey 1920s




Jim Storey and others, whereabouts unknown




Jim Storey Jack Ions and one other - 1920s


Jim Storey by river Font: note the footbridge behind


Kate Storey, wife of Jim, with her two eldest children, Jack and Jim




Jack Jim Kathy and Joyce Storey mid-1920s


Postcard dated 21.12.1904 to James Aynsley Snr


Pony and trap waiting at the station - but which station?

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