Picture Gallery 2

Fontburn School

1. 1913 pictures

Photographs loaned by Alison (McLennan)

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Standard 1 pictures Mary Rutherford (marked with a cross).


Standard 2 pictures the young Harry Rutherford (later of Coldrife). Lizzie and Isabella Rutherford (Bella McLennan) are also marked with a cross.


The older children: 68 altogether on the school roll at this point



2. 1935/36 pictures

School portraits by the Scholastic Co of Blackpool


? Date unsure - 1935?

Names supplied by Joyce (nee Eggleston) Ions

L - R Front Row: Tommy Charlton, William Charlton, Frank Darling, Keith Hutton, Fred Proctor, Teddy Nesbitt, Harold Charlton, Norman Darling, Gordon Robinson, John Campbell, Michael Tait, Reggie Charlton

2nd Row: Molly Hepburn, Amy Tait, Mary Hannah Charlton, Mary Bell, Joyce Eggleston, Violet Bell, Betty Hepburn, Mary Hutton, Doreen Milburn, Sylvia Waite, Audrey Robinson, Irene Butters

3rd Row: Veronica Campbell, Moira Darling, Nancy Stephenson (Blueburn), Margaret Campbell, Mary Wood, Joyce Stephenson (Fallowlees), Peggy Tait, Alice Stephenson (Blueburn), Dorothy Darling, Rene Tait, Hazel Hutton, Peggy Waite, Lily Charlton

Back Row: Stanley Robinson, Alwyn Ramsey, Ronnie Ramsey, Alan Proctor, Bobby Milburn, Ernie Butters

In addition to those names noted in brackets, Joyce adds:
Darlings lived at Combe Hill
Huttons at West Lodge, Nunnykirk
Proctors, Roughlees
Teddy Nesbitt, Colt Park
Egglestons and Hepburns, Fontburn
Robinsons, Ramseys. Milburns, Butters, Campbells, Charletons, Waites and Taits all lived at White House



1936 photo names supplied by Joyce (nee Eggleston) Ions

L _ R Front Row: Michael Tait, Gordon Robinson, Reggie Charlton, ?, Frank Darling, Fred Proctor, Keith Hutton, ?

2nd Row: Irene Butters, Betty Hepburn, Doreen Milburn, Joyce Eggleston, Violet Bell, Amy Tait, Mary Bell, Mary Hannah Charlton, Lily Charlton, Audrey Robinson, Sylvia Waite

3rd Row: Molly Hepburn, Moira Darling, Hazel Hutton, ?, ?, Louis Stephenson, Alice Stephenson, Dorothy Darling, Irene Tait, Nancy Stephenson, Peggy Waite

Back Row: Tommy Charlton, Alwyn Ramsey, Ronnie Ramsey, ?, Alan Proctor, Bobby Milburn, Leslie Butters, Ernie Butters, ?, Mr Dixon





Miss Mackenna with some of her young charges, sometime around 1950






Fontburn children at the Waterworks: 1938?



Newbiggin with Willy Stephenson up on top, German POW centre. Tom Bewick L, Noel Eggleston R.



1930's Fontburn Children at Play







1930's Fontburn Residents




The Hepburn family





The Eggleston family - Daisy is (always) holding the camera




The Bewick family with Maud and Pat below (left)




Fontburn Station -before and after


The original station - date unknown

Much reduced station post-war (late 1940's) printed courtesy of Plateway Press

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